Bury the Hatchet

Bury the hatchet and bury it deep

So far deep I can't tell whether it's a fossil or a coffin

So deep in my mind that I can't remember why I ever had a problem

So deep in your throat that your words are saturated with wood and metal

And sometimes I pretend I don't hear it

The clanging against your Adam's apple, ripping your vocal cords to shreads

The sound rings in my ears and I forget not to hear it

And ignorance is bliss so yes I fear it

Because if I acknowledge the existence then I couldn't be near it

I couldn't be near you,

Because history and statistics prove that this is nothing new

And I won't make anything of it and I hope you haven't too

Because knowlege is power and your knowlege of my thoughts takes away my power 

So now we're struggling between what you think and what I believe 

And I know I can't just leave you with all the power so I take it away

Hide it deep in my soul

Rebury the hatchet

But in a place you'll never find

This poem is about: 
My community


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