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Ah, Life. The Great Uniter, The Great Divider. So many burdens to bear, so many battles to fight, so many ways to fall. Are you strong enough to walk, powerful enough to run this race? Or are you deluding yourself, gathering false hope and fervor from your own supposed superiority? None of us can bear this burden alone, but that is the Great Mistake that so many of us make, not realizing how to handle our burdens and who to tell them to. John Newton once compared out troubles to a mountain of sticks. There is a large amount to be sure, but God mercifully unties the bundle, giving us a stick each day to carry. This is easy enough to manage, to be sure. The problem arises when we try to carry over yesterday's stick to today, and add tomorrow's stick to our load before we are required to bear it. We are given the Earth and everything that is in it, including time. Appreciate every moment you have to walk slowly and look at the world in which you reside, but know when to use your time wisely and not be concerned with tomorrow's stick. One burden at a time, tomorrow will come tomorrow, and yesterday is yesterday.


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