First, it was my size much bigger than the rest but not defining my personality. Infatuated kid V  only could tell me privately he felt the same way. Outcasted for my glasses meant to see the world picture perfect. Glass cutting at my risk each time a peer laughed and made fun. Fatty, Urkel, Ugly, Four-eyes, stupid, black, and broke all the reasons for my exile. No one talks to me but instead to my glasses as they snarl and conspire. A Teacher can make bias assumptions based on a bully’s perspective. Feeling like a  loner, so how am I wired? In love with the air, because it takes your breath at times. Traces of childhood stay hidden in the shadows offering doubt and regret. Being bullied defiantly leaves its mark. So why not practice open embraces? Suicide stealing future Lawyers, Doctors, Scientists, Presidents, Congress Women, and Men. Know you are loved by Jesus Christ that strengthens me.  Please choose to begin rather than end your life. We hold the right too not be a bully as a Child and presently say no to bullying.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



you are so strong thank you for being with us! ❤️

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