On the Bulletin Board

My family is a bulletin board hanging on the street corner, full of advertisements and posters.


My father is the large “Help Wanted” sign with bright colors, catching the eyes of all unemployed people that pass with its brilliant intensity.


My mother is the pink and red “Valentines Day” poster, reminding every lover to remember those who love them by using its sharp words and heart-piercing declaration.


My older brother is the long, time-consuming document stretching from the top of the bulletin board to the bottom, it is of vital importance but no one takes the time to read and explore its bounds.


I am the normal sized poster in the top left corner, perfectly parallel to the sides; the poster concerns “Our Impact on the Ozone Layer” and is very seriously planned and thought provoking.


My younger brother a bright “Help Wanted” sign, rivaling my father’s sign, it is of smaller stature but makes a much larger statement; the words in the sign portray much more excitement and energy than my father’s.


My younger sister is the small association meeting calendar, partly covered by my brother’s “Help Wanted” sign; but those that read it will immediately know it is very heart-felt and well thought out.


Need to talk?

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