Brown Sugar


United States
29° 36' 31.896" N, 95° 7' 58.0188" W
United States
29° 36' 31.896" N, 95° 7' 58.0188" W

I don’t want to go back to that dark place –

No, I will not go to that dark place anymore.

I had been tempted -

No, raped –

By the White Devil

And I swore I would never return.

It was dark there and I am afraid of the dark.


When your words rang across my wasteland

Of broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken homes,

I thought I was free.

I pulled against the chains

That bound and gagged me to my Master

And I tumbled out of His awe-stricken grasp

And raced.

Raced so I could be first.

Raced toward that bright light of Hope,

Toward that beautiful word.



But the Devil still held on to my ankle.


I watched as hundreds fled before me

Bathing in that shimmering Hope,

While my own Demon held me,

Held me as the light of Hope faded from my eyes

Held me as the numbness of hopelessness settled in

Held me as I cried silent, forgotten tears,

Held me as I descended back

Back into slavery.

They were just empty words.


Now I know that my Devil is all there is

In this world and the next.

As I live, I am watched and breathed on by Satan,

And you will bet that I will meet Him thereafter.

Throughout my years, I’ve only discovered one truth;


Emancipation doesn’t mean freedom.

It means slavery without a cage. 



I know what it sounds like, but if you pay attention it's not about slavery. 

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