Brown Sugar

Trapped in this endless circle of you're in then you're out,
Silly little woman plotting ways to find out what true love is really about,
She doubts herself while thinking she's the perfect woman for you,
You show her love and suddenly it stops and she has no idea what to do,
You play hard because football has made you the man you are today,
You tried to talk to me in the past but I got away,
So far away we literally lost touch,
No sense of communication I for my like that much,
But now that's how it is me and you are not talking on a consistent basis,
I smile you ignore so I have decided to stop making faces,
I don't know if any of this means anything,
You're continuing to turn up while I think about this one thing,
You said to me some time ago which was nice,
 I'm not sure if you're ready to pay the price,
No one has any idea of how much I want a taste of my own brown sugar.


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