Brown Happiness


Swarming my heart in brown

The warmth held timidly

The scorching shock in my nerves

Why did I touch thee


Insulated in brick and stone

Wisp the new beginnings

Swirls, spiralling, creamy deliciousness

Addicted to your high


Cocoa cannot even compare

The bittersweetness overcomes my soul

The stain conflicts me, if I shall continue

But, still I consume you


Awake, alert, I must stay

Must hurry up, it is almost over

Must be careful to lose you

More, more I must consume more


Finished, of course not!

Pour happiness in the its creator

Only way to survive

Danger lurks in the blink of an eye


Must not, must not, push, push

Don't stop, sooner, sooner

There, satisfaction

Repeat, the Star is rising!






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