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I remember when we were just kids,

Tiny little things with heads full of dreams.

Late nights you’d climb through the plastic shelf that

Separated our beds, and it felt like something magic.

When Mom left, and when

Dad was impatient and


We had each other.


I remember when it was just the two of us.

Riding bikes and jumping on the trampoline in our

Backyard. Somehow it didn’t matter that it was filled with


You were there the day I learned how to whistle;

I was so excited.

You let me dress you up, and I didn’t need a sister because

I had you,

The best brother I could have asked for.


Then suddenly Dad remarried and

it wasn’t just us,

and things weren’t always

So perfect. We fought like siblings do.

You were always wild, and the impulses tugged at my heart.

Did I follow you, or berate you?

All I could do was love you, even when

I wanted to hate you.


You were Mom’s baby, and I’ll admit

I was jealous. You fought to get your way, and

I gave in.

That’s what big sisters do, right?

And even when we shared a bed and I kicked

Your legs away, I still loved you.

In the summers, it was just us again.


We grew up and drifted further apart.

Life got in the way.

Most days, I was there when you wanted me.

The times were rarer, but now I think back and smile.

I complained when we fought zombies,

Side by side.

You were there in the darkness, and we could be scared


It felt like more than a simple game.


Walking at midnight to Maverick

Was our last great adventure.

Sure we’ve had smaller ones since that night

Two summers ago, but nothing quite so


The dark was only exciting because

I was with you.

Cheap energy drinks were like gifts from the gods when

Tip-toeing past a haunted house.

I’d give anything to go back to that night.


You’ve gotten wilder since then,

Little brother.

So much wilder, and I can't help

But be scared.

You don’t need me, or hardly ever

Want me.

But I’m here.

Always here.

And I treasure the moments we talk,

When I still feel like

Your friend.

I miss you, with a terrible ache in my


No matter how old we get, you will always be

My baby brother.

You have always been with me;

The only constant,

And I pray I’ll never lose you.


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