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a blank slate
a platform to redefine “you”
from ashes, the phoenix is born anew
but people are always around to remind you
of who you are and what you do
because as the leaves of summer, they do change hue
what you do becomes what you did
and in the past, you may have hid
behind your father, a scared young kid
but the time has since come to stand alone
to face the ghosts on your own
you’re bearded now, married, full-grown
but you still can’t own up to it
frightened, knowing once that candle’s lit
it will reveal the skeletons waiting in your closet
locked away, to be dealt with some other day
praying that their bones, so garishly clean
may, like the ashes of the phoenix melt away
a warm, glowing hearth as a bird like fire
buried beneath the ashes will emerge, reborn
your darkest desires...
a blank slate


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