Broken Views


What is it that we as individuals seek? Is it to be satisfied with life, like we've made it to the top of a mountain peak?

Or is what we want something simply much less, like getting a lot of retweets.

Look around, a phone is strapped to every hand. An app is closed, an app is opened. Our view on life is broken, yet we act as if we're golden.

We're so blinded by social media, it's ridiculous. Some of us don't even know the difference between "your" and "you're"- completely oblivious.

We follow people we don't even know, rewteet them and like the pictures that they show. But if we saw them in person we wouldn't even share a friendly "Hello."

So please, look up and away from those expensive things. I promise you that you'll see more interesting scenes instead of those people who act as if they're kings and queens behind their silly little screens.

Seriously, truly, and sincerely, I ask that you don't be offended and realize that you're slowly being cemented to a piece of plastic that was recently invented.


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