Broken But Still Chained


Lately I’ve been wanting something more
My mind is clear and I see an open door
I’m running, scurrying
I can’t reach the other side
I lost the key that holds dreams that died
It’s starting to close… I’m about to cry
What could be so great on that other side?

I see a hand a light starts to shine
Why have a life if it’s not mine?
I scream, I cry… I start to break down
I reach out as I begin to drown
I feel no water besides the droplets on my face
And as I panic, my mind starts to race
My voice dies out… I hear no sound
I’m running as I lose touch of the ground

I feel a tug, I cry with fright
Everywhere I look, I see night
I’m surrounded by darkness
I can’t see where to fall
Everywhere I turn, there’s a growing wall

It’s me, I’m in control!
I’m trapping myself… my broken soul

I hear voices saying “get out”
I open my mouth to give a great shout

I hear their calls
But they hear no voice getting through my walls
I lost the door
Now I can’t see… the light is gone
“What about me?”

I stop… it repeats

What is that sound?
I hear it again as I fall to the ground
The voices come again and I start to cry
I am trapped in a chain where dreams always die…

-Corrin Marie Collins

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