Broken Petals

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 00:22 -- Kae.D

I remember I found you lying in pain on top of the stone.

I took you with me because you were hurt and I was alone.

How beautiful your petals were as I brought you into the light, with a green stem and bright complexion.

The man preceding me, he hurt you and left you in the dark.

To him you were worthless; to me you were a work of art.

He would only take you so far. But I'd give you the sun and stars

He made you be something that you pretended. I saw you as the beauty you were intended.

I saw the potential inside but what I didn't see was the pain you tried to hide 

You were damaged and your spirit was dying, I couldn't save you and I couldn't help but start crying.

I put you in my arms to keep you safe. Just to stay safe.

I tried to love you, but you were gone. My one friend in this world, a queen made to be a player's pawn

I wish I could help you live, and to help you settle.

I'm sorry I couldn't fix your broken petals


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