Broken hearted

Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:49 -- mawee12

Pain seems to be a loyal friend of mine

somehow a guy that'll stay with me is way too hard to find

i can't believe i never saw it in your eyes

that you weren't very happy deep down inside

I just wish you would've gave me a warning or something

cuz then i wouldn't be lyin' here cryin for nothing

I really tried and tried to give you everything I had

I even had the guts to introduce you to my dad

Remeber when we held hands during football games?

Remember when we walked down the halls we could feel the fame?

Sadly all those memories we had are just stuck in a picture frame

And I guess we're through and it's such a shame

Because from the moment i met you and saw those pretty blue eyes,

I instantly forgot about all those other guys

It was me and you baby and me and you alone

it was only you and me even if it was just on the phone

Your words gave me strength

but now they only bring me pain

 and to quote the words of bruno "every day it'll rain"

cuz you meant so much to be and honestly still do

I just wish it could go back to being me and you








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