Broken heart

Broken heart and foolish memories

I wish I had never known you,

I wish I had never found you

Why?? Am I now grieving??

Hot tears falling on my cheeks

Blurring my eyes and my body feeling heated up.

Why?? I don’t understand why??

Why am I crying ?

I knew it was not possible but I couldn’t stop.

It was destined . Yes, you were destined to love her.

Why did I hope so naively, even when I knew the end.

The end which I saw today - holding her hands , answering her confession

Nooo! I don’t believe this is the end .


Locking myself in the room

With blaring rock music in my ears

Clutched my pillow sobbing.

Tears rolling down and my dry throat ached

I felt myself heating but I cared less

I wanted to hear nothing and just wanted to cry.


I always told myself never to hope

'Cause they never came true .

Yet I kept deceiving myself one they they would

But look now who is broken?? Them or me?

Ahhh!! I hate it I hate everyone

But why?? WHY ME ?? what sort of sin I have committed

For me to be in this accursed abyss??

Slumped on the bed with hot eyes and heated body,

Sweaty all over but I didn’t give a damn,

Crying here alone I don’t know anything anymore

I don’t know you nor do I know myself.


The next day – tired all over ,

Saw those two together and my heart throbbed

Like a knife slashing it up.

But I hardened myself and looked up

If your destiny is to love her , then mine is too walk past you

For my feelings for you were already killed last night .

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