Broken Dreams


It's hard to believe in something,

That seems impossible in your eyes.

But when you stop believing,

Every dream dies. 


When looking up at the mournful gray sky,

With the sound of thunder in the distance,

A single tear slides out of my left eye,

Chasing after a dream takes persistence. 


The clouds begin to cry,

And my skin becomes pale.

My heart starts to die,

And my courage begins to fail.


As the driving drops of sorrow advance their gears,

They successfully hide my shameful tears.

How heavy the rain fell that day,

All of my hopes and dreams were washed away.


I fall down to my knees,

With the rain pounding on my head.

I ask the dark skies, "Why me?"

"Why must my dreams remain dead?"


Slowly I close my eyes,

And picture myself in my hopes and dreams.

I slowly fall in a deep slumber,

To see how wonderful it could be. 


I wonder,

What if my dreams came to life?

If every piece held up perfectly, 

Not shattered and outspoken.

But before I try to put it together,

I notice that my dreams are already Broken.


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