Broken in The Church

It’s not hard to sit in church and smile
It’s not hard to sit in a pew and focus for a while
We engulf ourselves in the sermon and laugh accordingly to blend in with everyone’s style
But we’re broken in the church all the while
We’re broken from the tribulations of the world
Our vision is distorted from the cries of our young boys and girls
We’re looking in all the wrong places to find a savior from this world
Our wicked ways make us so sick we just might get on our knees and hurl
And maybe then on our knees we’ll crawl to the alter
Praying that all our tattered sins and petty self-righteousness will falter
Then we can humbly cry out for Jesus Christ our father
We socialize with all of our peers
We spew out venom and gossip to one another’s ears
We’re supposed to lift everyone up but instead we bring each other down to tears
Our judging eyes and harsh words are equal to that of bullets and spears
We’re never addressed on it because that’ll draw too much attention and unlock spiritual fears
It’s only happening because we’re broken in the church and we have been for years
It goes beyond the pain we put on one another and beyond the search for a god like every other
It goes even farther into the atoms of our make-up
It’s our tendency to want to do things on our own which causes our heart to grow weary and break-up
But maybe as a church we should just wake-up and realize that with Jesus Christ we can make-up
Because we’re broken in the church we’ve been blinded
Instead of playing for God we’ve become side-lined
Instead of being team players we’re team haters
And we let the ways of this evil world penetrate us
I’m not here to say that our God has decided not to save us
All I’m trying to say is that right now we’re broken in the church and we need a savior
So take your family and friends to this alter
Let yourselves repent to your Father
These last days are coming closer and closer
Let’s not let sin win any longer
Maybe then we will be bathed in Psalms 51:10
And let God create in us a pure heart and a steadfast spirit within
That way a new wall will be built around us and not everything will break into parts
And the words of Jesus Christ will be tatted all over our hearts


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

great poem

felt the msg of this piece

keep building

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