Bring on the Confidence

I’m not afraid to be myself

Because I know that anyone, but me doesn’t feel right

I have found my previously hibernating courage

Now my confidence shows


I walk with my head up high

I’m not afraid to look people in the eye

I move to the best of my abilities

Now I am seeing all my possibilities


I dress my own style, which I think is cute

If people don’t like, then I don’t give a hoot

I know that I look as good as they say

Because I think the same thing now, every day


I say what I think, because my opinions matter

If people don’t want to listen, then they should just scatter

I fight for what I truly believe in

And as long as I still believe, I’m always going to win


I follow my instincts, which cannot be wrong

People always feel the need to “belong”

I know in my heart that I will make the right decisions

Choices do not have to be made with precision


I care for others, like I always do

People who are my friends, already know me through and through

I like this relaxed state of feeling free

But most of all, I like being me


I’m not afraid to be myself

Because I know who I am and who I want to be

I have the courage inside and outside

Now my confidence shines


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