Look readers, 

I'm breathing but not living. 


Day by day 

My mind is in pain. 

My mind is in hell. 


Anxiety and depression have no room in the showcase. 

The show must go on. 


All my life, I've only known failure and disappointment. 


I tried to be like the others... I tried to be successful. 


Why is there darkness around me. 

I've been touched, cursed, tricked, punched, and violated 

but hey, I'm still here. 


Every night, the same prayer. 

"I have to live. Just wait until it's over." 

"I have to do this or else I won't survive." 

"I have to change this or else I won't be successful." 

"I have to say this or else It won't change." 


Why am I still here if all I ever feel is pain and sorrow? 

Why am I still at school if all I ever see is failure? 

Why am I still a daughter if all I ever do is disappoint others? 


answer: I am still here because I want to feel happiness before I fall. 


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