Feel the earth as you breathe
It breathe with you
You sing it sings too
Connection is the true
Between people with similar interests and experiences
Only those who went through hard time with me
Will understand me
Otherwise you will just judge me
Poetry makes me worry less
Expressing myself through internet vents
Breathe and just let your soul vent
Intense the reason behind it was mean
Deep meaning time thinking
Food for thought
Learn what the earth has taught
We all the same on the inside
Yet we build up walls and devide
Decide to embrace yourself with love then other vices
Devices cause chaotic impulses
That the government won't let you in on
This poem is for the woken
Eyes open know what is known
Don't close them till you received all the knowledge

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world
Poetry Terms Demonstrated: 


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