Mon, 06/10/2019 - 14:34 -- amesha6

I never understood until now why everything mattered


Every assignment, every cry, sleepless nights, the headaches, the lectures, the exams, early mornings, every break up, wearing uniform, college applications

arguing with teachers, every friend, every enemy, taking notes, signatures, commuting back and forth, every dime I spent to make it to this day, each word I wrote, each whip of my pen...



Yes I know I'm about to start my life

but it's really starting to hit me

And it overwhelms me

Then it excites me, then I'm nervous, then I'm delighted, I'm anxious, I'm eager

and sometimes I forget to 



Open the curtains, time to start the show

Time to unscrew the training wheels and let go 

Time to show everyone what we've been waiting for

Craving for

Frustrating for

Celebrating for 



The sun has risen

The cameras are rolling

The whistle has blown

The gun has sounded

The clock is ticking 

The deal is closed


Graduates, this is it

1...2...3...hold your breath...

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