Breath of Anxiety

They look, they speak, they hear. 


they're looking at me make it stop

in out stop. in

do I look bad did I do something wrong

in out stop.  in

because if I did something wrong they're not telling me

in out stop.   in

which means they want everyone to see what I did wrong 

in out stop.    in

when everyone sees what I've done wrong they'll hate me and think I'm stupid 

in out stop.     in 

if everyone hates me then I can't go anywhere because they'll hate me and know I did wrong 

in out stop.      in 

then I'll get old and die alone because everyone hates me and no one will like me

in out stop.       in 

but if I die alone and everyone hates me who will bury me

in out stop.        in

is it my hair my clothes my walk my teeth my eyes  

in out stop.         in 

what did I do wrong why are they looking

in out stop.          in

did I offend them was I rude was I bad

in out stop.           in

no wait tell me what I did wrong 

in out stop.             in

you can't just leave me  

in out stop.              in

please I'll be good 

in out stop.                in


in out stop.             





They look, they speak, they hear.

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My country
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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully written, never stop expressing your heart and mind, please share more. 

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