I like going to breakfast without brushing my hair

and going to breakfast still in my pajamas. 


a mess.

Piled on the top of my head.


I like watching the news while eating my cereal.

Yes, hi.

I see you too

making the fifth--

no, sixth--

awkward glance at me.

Is it because my eyes still have sleep in them?

or is it the fact 


my favorite pair of flannel pajamas

are plastered with moons and stars?


(3 days later, around dinner time)


There's this note 

in place of where I sit

while watching the news

eating my breakfast

with my hair piled in a mess on top of my head

wearing my pajamas

and it reads:


I see you at breakfast nearly 

everyday and never knew

your name and I'm sorry to 

tell you but yeah I've been 

crushing on you for a while. 


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