Break from what broke you.

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 19:45 -- Astod

I look at those with simpler minds
and simpler life's and think to myself
you have not seen circumstance
until it's hung around your neck
like a noose and your begging for freedom. 
you have not felt pain 
until you've quivered in dark corners
crying because anywhere
would be better than home. 
and some may reply, 
you have no clue what another goes through. 
and that's the problem, 
No validation, just excuses. 

I have seen my life strangled from my eyes
by someone who was supposed to offer me protection
and I have been betrayed and abandon 
and took advantage of by those much bigger than i
but somehow the only resentment i feel now, 
is towards myself for keeping it all inside. 

I am not willing to hide myself, 
inside blind eyes
and unopened minds. 
So I spill my guts through
stanzas and double entendres
because peace doesn't come with closure
and you can't even count on closure to find you. 
So I lose myself inside the walls 
of never actually saying how I feel
and behind doors that only peak into my subconscious. 
My fingers touch these keys and my affirmation lingers
and the only time I feel at peace, 
is hitting these keys. 
My nirvana does not exist, 
long ago, I had lost my happiness 
and found it burrowed deep inside my misunderstood.. 
this is my sanity, this is my understanding.


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