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What is this world we are living in, where a woman feels beat down, unloved, used and abused? What went wrong? Why is it that now-a-days, we are dating our addictions? Infatuated with the very thing that will be your down fall. Blinded by the lust of something that will never love you back, playing into the lies. Why is it that rejection is tucking us in at night? Lying next to us, whispering sweet bitterness into our souls? Calling up low self-esteem to come join the party? “He doesn’t want you”, “you aren’t pretty enough”, “you will always be alone”. Whispering lies, lies that will have you up all night thinking about taking your own life…or have you considering trading up teams like Steve Nash.
Why are we waking up and sipping on a bitter cup of depression? No sugar or creamer, just your salted tears as they fall into your cup and you think about what was and what is no longer. The feeling of loneliness caresses you and opens the door to allow the enemy full access because he has got you, you are falling, you forgot.
Link by link by link, you allowed him to mold you your own personal shackles and hang them around your neck, on your wrist, around your legs…and now you are teetering from side to side and the enemy is blowing on you like hot food waiting….waiting for you to hit the ground. 
But as you begin to let go you hear it. You hear a sound and suddenly you realize that you are strong, you are empowered, you are not worthless, but priceless you are worth more than rubies, you are confident and you lack nothing of value. You bring good not harm all the days of your life. You are to be searched for not to be the one searching because you are his creation, his daughter, his princess. 
You realize that God pulled you from the side of man, not from his feet, so you are not to be abused and degraded by man because God created you as man’s partner, his companion…you hear that sound…you hear it loud and clear. It’s the sound of your chains falling off of you, it’s the sound of the chains of the women that were targeted by the enemy but survived, coming to your aid, praying, praising, and worshiping on your behalf because God’s work is being done…
It’s the sound of your sobbing, not from sadness but from a joy and calmness that you haven’t felt in so long. Now you are no longer dark. You radiate light and goodness and your father, the king of kings, and lord of lords, the alpha and omega, restores you to the royal state as he places your crown on your head. 

-The Moon Owl™


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