this is for you

this is for you and your honeysuckle lips that spew venom from them

your eyes hold the seas captive and the waves flow with rage and i fell in love with that

i fell in love with the raging fire i felt in the pit of my stomach everytime i looked at you

you are elysian

(n.) peaceful; perfect

this is for the way you look me in the eyes and cause honey to drip from my tongue in three different languages

this is for the way i feel at home in your arms

calm, safe

this is for the way your fingertips send shocks up my arms

this is for the way you make me feel


i'm so afraid to tell you how i feel because i feel like the words will just fall out of my mouth

they'll just tumble out and you won't catch any of it

my hearts a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode and i wish you understood that everytime you ask who i like

you are a masterpiece

(n.) a work of outstanding artistry

you are painted with the colors of almonds and roaring seas

your skin is as soft as the finest silk , your eyes piercing through everything that gets in your way

this is for your sharp jawline , cutting every negative thing that gets in your way

cutting people out of your life so easily

you are ludic

(adj.) fun and full of spirit

your laugh echoes through concreted rooms and may i say it is the best sound i've ever heard

filling silent voids with nothing but melodic tunes of your voice

you are my moira

(n.) a person's fate or destiny

and i've been chasing you for so long trying to find the right words to let roll off of my tongue

i haven't been able to find them so i'm saying them here

i hope one day you see this but for now it will stay in the secrecy of my own hands and the people who read this letter

you are calm

(n.) quiet; relaxed

all those nights we layed in silence was not because we couldn't find the words to say, it's because we were listening to each others heartbeats

did you ever do that? i did

it made me feel relaxed , at home

i heard each beat slowly pump itself and i'd move my fingers to the beat hoping that maybe we could match our hearts to the same rhythm

i hope it did the same for you

you are recherché

(n.) exotic, rare

and i wouldn't trade you for the world

in fact, if i could

i'd keep you inside the edges of my rib cage

and hold you there forever

because you are my moira

and someday you'll know


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