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Tue, 02/03/2015 - 13:42 -- world


Ask me what's to be changed

I can try to analyze 

but the truth is I'm a little deranged 

Its hard to live a normal life

especially when I've seen more than presented 

lately generic people just don't suffice 

I look for the ones running from religion 

The ones who are pushed to the end of a gun


I would make sure everyone plugs in there brain socket

So we can finally avoid all this nonsense

I would stand up and lead a revolt

i swear every single fucking religion is a cult!


So I'm writing this into an LED light 

If only you could show me there is an afterlife

But you just expect me to believe your watching from the light


I just cant believe you

There's nothing back up your "claimed facts" 

I wish humans could start over on this track

I'm sick and tired of people threatening your wrath

If your really there then we'd be living in your Aftermath!


I would go build a time machine 

Just to go back and destroy all these kings

I know it would take a little while 

But while I'm there ill also destroy the bible

Its nothing but a guild to live by

and a couple stories in between 

analyzing different sinners

as they are looked at through scenes


Let me take a step back 

Because in this subject 

there is no accuracy

I don't 100% agree with democracy

Its a common problem to choose an ideology 


Though we are all together now 

I'm just one part of this melting pot soup refusing to fuse together to form a group.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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