The Brain Conflict


Evil thoughts but love in the heart
This shits about to tear me apart 
from my brain im insane a basket case
you wont like this hate\ the energy i bring
when i scream you run like the enemies ive slain
From the heart, I spout
images of regret and neglect
My opportunities in life i cut 
like a chainsaw my brains raw
fucked in the membrane\ ive gone insane
from the nature of being who i am
I cram these feeling deep inside
love hate they all feel the same im deranged
KILL EM ALL i say but then i pray 
for the survival of all we all feel so small
in the world this lord cant be watching over us
Hes lost my trust ; My lust im crazed
I invade your home with these words
Im so bored of this life
the images of the fallen, they're callin'
to me in my dreams the ones who died and were left behind
HELP ME GOD end this agony before it ends in tragedy


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