To The Boy Who Broke My Heart, Yet Turns Out I Still Love Him

you stole my heart

the only thing that kept me alive

but even as a walking corpse

my rotten black brain is still obsessed

obsessed with you

obsessed with your love


you wanted to kill me

from the day we first said hello

a pointed dagger at my heart

tracing a bleeding outline

of the only thing still beating

but I want you 


you made me feel alive

even though you saw me as filth

nothing but decaying love

as dusty as an old shelf in an abandoned house

but my grimy hands reach out

to touch you

to feel you again


you are the boy who broke my heart

but turns out I still love you




This poem is about: 



I found it. Teehee


I find it sweet that my name is one of your maintags

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