To the Boy that I Love

To the boy that I love
You led me to an ethereal paradise
But surely
Your smug face
Endearing smirk
Your voice absorbing me into a million seas
Making me forget everything around me
Your lips on mine
I crave the taste of you and your presence
I fell in love with you
And the things that you do
But surely
I knew I was in trouble when you were constantly the only thing on my
mind, the only thing I had the energy to think about, I poured myself not
only into you, but out to you
I trusted you
You threw away every
I love you
Every I miss you
Every I care about you
None of it means anything now
But if there’s one thing that I do trust
It’s that you never meant to hurt me
You tell me that nothing happened
You were bored
That I was the only one on your mind
Every part of me wants to believe you
But I can’t seem to
I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that a teenage boy
Would go to the home of a girl
Who has had feelings for him similar to that of his supposed girlfriend
And not do so much as touch her
It doesn’t make sense
I can’t seem to understand
I want to believe you, trust me I do
But this pattern is one that is much too frequent
I don’t want anything to do with you, yet I’m lost without you
To the boy that I love
I am worth too much
I am beautiful, intelligent, and I deserve to be happy
You always made me remember those things about myself
You once made me feel like I was the only girl in the world
But it seems that now
The more time I spend with you
The more I forget who I am
The more I lose myself
To the boy that I love
I was happy before I met you
I will be happy without you


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