To the boy I cheated on


San Jose
2925 Newark Way 408
United States
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Dear Boy,


You gifted me your heart

and I kept it close to mine.

It was my prized procession

and I was determined to keep it safe.

My heart soon grew cold

no longer warm enough 

to comfort yours.

I put your heart in my back pocket

and forgot as I sat in another mans lap.

I listened to it shatter under the weight

of my selfishness,

through the sobbing of your voice, 

and the soft screams into your pillow.

The person who once knew

how to sew the tears in your confidence

suddenly ripped the seams

and singed the threads.

You told me my name

gave you panic attacks.

And yet...

you forgave me.

With a hug that felt like home 

with a kiss that felt like I love you

and a presense that felt like...


You forget how much you need it

and suddenly you can’t get enough.

“I’ve missed you”.

I may not ever feel 

as though I deserve this second chance 

but I am forever grateful

you feel



Sincerely, Tara

This poem is about: 
My family


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