The Boy In A Hat

This boy I feel I know very well,

He likes to wear a hat.

All of the posters he has are for games,

except for a couple drawings his grandma gave.

A box of "secret" things is on his work table..

Next to a stack of his dad's CDs.

He is very tall,

yet tiny.

Like a skelliton. 

He's always cold,

just like me.

He loves the color green, 

mostly the brighter shades,

and his cat sheds a lot more than he thinks it should.

He's scared to laugh in front of others,

for fear of being (more) awkward.

He likes video games a lot,

and he wakes up every morning to give them "all" his attention.

However, I know it's a lie.

Because his mom told me.

"He wakes up every morning to talk to you".

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