A Boy All Alone


A young boy sitting with a girl

They both look up at the sky

Gazing at the stars as they shine

Both taking a break from a midnight walk.


They smile and chat the night away

Before long they part their ways

The young girl skips away

As the boy walks the other way.


Many nights ago he saw this girl

Skipping alone having fun

Each night he was her in the street

Dancing alone to an unheard tune.


He watched her night after night

walking alone but happy as can be

Every night he'd stay awake

Just to see the beautiful girl.


Over time he had fallen in love

With some beautiful girl he had never met;

It began to drive him crazy

As he couldn't get her out of his mind.


He had decided to go for a walk one night

Just to meet this amazing girl

All alone one night he went for that walk

And finally he had happened upon her.


She stopped at a bench to take a rest

So the boy decided to do that same

She looked up into the nighttime sky

And the boy gazed at her beauty.


The boy then looked up at the stars as well

And asked the girl why she's out so late

She looked at him and said just out for a walk

And asked him the same.


The boy looked back at her still amazed

At the elegant beauty she possesed

He answered saying he's just getting fresh air

And commented on her amazing smile.


The young girl blushed and looked away

And the boy gazed back up at the star

He couldn't bring himself to ask the girl

If she would walk the rest of the night with him.


Before he knew it she was on her way

Skipping way without a name

The young boy broken and beat

Looked down and cried, all alone.


He had been alone his entire life

Wondering if he'd ever find love

Then he finally found an amazing girl

Just to watch her skip away...


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