The boundaries of friendship

Dedicated to someone special : 🦋

The more we spend time bonding 

We become closer 

You embody truth and sweet notes 

Beethoven would smile of your composure 

I confine in you 

I place time 

I let you in on the real me 

I crossed my isolated lines for you

Yet I call you friend 

I wasn’t selfish until you begin 

To show me everything I’ve ever dreamed of

With you I feel like I can win against the greatest winds 

We shake hands and laugh but that’s not what I mean love 

what If I told you I dreamed of just us two

Intertwined is what I fein of

On me forever you can lean love 

Through the vessels of your friendship I’ve seen love

I’ve settled being your go to 

I guess I’ll tuck my pride 

And watch you grow too

I find love never lust In you

I trust in you 

Although when we hug, I feel Like im not really touching you   

Forever my friend 

And my silent crush too

I watch your mouth mumble of miles of beauty 

Your smile drives me crazy 

Lonney Toney

You see right through me

I’m grateful to be your pillow 

But my soul you have awakened and I see through the window 

And yet I’m still I’m your friend though 

Friend or no friend i still choose you 

 I guess we can’t take it that far 

I pray we never grow apart 

 Because I’d be a fool to lose you





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