Bottled Up

Open up another amber bottle,

drown out all your sorrow.

So little for so much,

still, it's never enough.

It can only numb you for so long,

until you're spinning, unable to hang on.

I love how it blurs my vision,

its beautifully chaotic transition.

The way it slurs my words,

releasing the truth unheard.

Though it makes my mind a blur,

this is my cure.

People say I have a problem,

what they don't realize is, it's them.

This is the only thing they can't control,

so I'll drink 'til there's no more.

It's not addiction,

just loyal tradition.

It lets me slip from reality,

deeper and deeper into hidden sanity.

Now the room is spinning,

again I'm slipping.

I've fallen, my best friend at my side,

only now, this is the last time.

But that's alright,

I've grown weary of this life.

I've finally given in,

to the faithful amber liquid.


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