Bottled Up

anything to get away
anything to escape this pain
this weight that has been brought upon me
Change is happening
every hour
every second
Thoughts race and race and race and race
you have no space
but you can find it
you search up and down
in yourself
in nature
in technology
comfort in people
Fuck it
There can be no more comfort
no more animosity
the world is dead as I see it
Still going on day by day
bottle it up
let it go
let it be taken by the ocean
Let those waves take my body
crashing over and over and over again
finding a new shell every new wave
Still water
The sun will rise
and set
and rise again
still my heart beats
every beat hurts
beating down rays of sun
making the water drip, drip drip from my skin
taking whats left of me
I sit
I'll scream and rant
why must you leave
why why why why
but nothing will change
Emotions will race like horses
being whipped and man handled
just to get some entertainment
That's all I am
your sitcoms
your dog shows
your music
nothing is enough
take a human
a breathing feeling thing
torment it
set it up for a fall
watch it cry
watch it scream
watch it laugh and smile
its better
but you are no god
watching down on me like an animal
like I have no purpose
like I wouldn't care
like you even care
stripped from my virginity life is decaying
its rotting into the same corps
what the dead has taught us is useless
times have changed
We live
we breath
we wait
to be buried into the earth that birthed us
so that we can become free
no emotion
no hormones
no teenagers
no more anything
just free spirits
nothing is forever
so don't say you love me
don't say you hate me
and don't say never again
because in one second
what you say means nothing


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