To Boston's Bomb


United States
33° 48' 40.932" N, 118° 13' 24.3228" W

I am broken
I don’t understand
How can someone
Bomb our lands?
Why can’t we live?
Why can’t we see
A peaceful world
Where all agree?
Why must we hurt
And be in pain
And hurt each other
To take the reigns?
We watch our people
Our family and friends
Suffer from bombs
With no amends
It was a normal
Patriots Day
Where people came
To cheer and play
And suddenly
A bomb has dropped
And with it
All the world has stopped
People pray
In every place
Across the world
At a fast pace
It’s only been
An hour now
That this occurred
So take a bow
Whoever cruel
Cold-hearted one
That chose to bomb
Our own Boston
I hope you’re proud
You did succeed
You bastard soul
You’ve done the deed
You’ve left some injured
You’ve left some dead
You’ve got your actions
In people’s heads
But you should know
It’s incomplete
Because revenge
Is bittersweet


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

and times like this , we need to come together
thank you for showing suppor to victims on boston
great poem-keep writing and expand your ideas

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