'The Boredom of My Life is a Changing'

The total imeersion of errtaic behaviour within me 

Is sometimes a relief of sorts to me to ackowledge

I have at times like to think outside the square, so to speak

Challanging anything and everthing that is important to all 

And to not only me but also my wife and our little dog

From the neverending speal of noxious sounds from media 

Eminnating from the power house in Australia Canberra

A place that some time ago was probably a peaceful place

Then along came the englishman riding on his horse

Lets change this to a town then a concrete jungle with black stained roads

Get away with the trees and the animals the indigenous peoples

Lets make money and power to everyone who joins us my freinds 

So that probabley in the near future the total destruction

Of these monlith places that criss cross our dry brown land

We are discovering changes by the day of weather patterns period

This to me is the end, all things begin and all things end

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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