Sat, 08/18/2012 - 07:49 -- FizTzle


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Maybe one day I'll be viewable on pages,
can't believe after all these years,
they still got in mind(I'm not good enough) ,
don't know Why I'm tryin to prove this,
all the bookstores dream of more money,
but they don't want to take me(cause of money) ,
screw the system & you people who don't care,
I got all day but don't want to live it,
all these dreams & getin no where,
then I need no one I'll do it by word,
when I'm in spotlight(bookstore don't come callin) ,
bookstores your a demon(wantin me to do what u like) ,
been in the spotlight for the longest,
ok I will not take that demon walk with you,
dogin me out because I don't have three thousand,
if it wasn't for me their would be no new ideas,
or new poetry words put in books,
cause I'm a poetry leader & poetry artist follow,
you are rich (bookstore) takeing my stuff without permission,
you don't think I notice but I know a bunch,
I google everything cause of my name fools




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