The Book of Life.


Daily I read a book.

The book of books, life, and Revelation of God to man.

I read and confess to:

Petrify Satan.

Astound the rebellious.

Consilate the critics.

Endorse the covenant.

Guide the church.

Aplify the Word.

Worship the Lord.

When I was ignorant it made me wise.

When I was in darkness it directed me to life.

When I was fearful, it became my shield for the fight.

I want His words to touch your inner self, and put a shive down your spine.

You'll discover His words in a special book.

It won't take long, just have a quick look!

There are sixty six significant books abound inside.

Read and you'll find Jesus there with arms open wide!!


Guide that inspired this poem: 



I LOVE God and reading His Word!!!!!! So why not write about it?

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