Bona Fide

I’ve walked around the day

And watched throughout the night

Wandering and searching

For my purpose in life.


My eyes wide open

No sleep can I make

The burnt morning sky

Flushed with thin fuchsia flakes,

Enlightens my spirit,

As a new dawn breaks.


This dark shadow

That climbs on my back

Weighs me down,

It won’t render some slack.


As time turns,

My mind rushes with ideas;

They pull me in the tide

Then release me back to shore.

My knowledge is wise,

My life is more.


These traits I’ve acquired

The talents I’ve been handed

Are taken for granted,

Until they are reprimanded.


So here I lay;

Absorbing these thoughts,

The good and the bad,

The right and the wrong,

The meek and humble,

The bold and the strong.


I’ve turned out the lights,

To put this mind to rest.

But I cannot sleep,

Though I have tried my best.


To my feet I will stand.

I will set off for an adventure.

Because I cannot obtain,

The knowledge I demand.


My purpose in life

Is to make a difference,

To change lives.

I will walk down the paths I choose,

And create my life’s journey.


Each day is a page,

Each hour is a sentence,

Each minute is a word,

Each second is a letter.


As they combine

They create an amazing story-

The story of a purpose

Searched for in life.


It’s all right in front of me

Waiting to be made.

The pages are blank

And the ink is full.

I guess my life’s purpose

Is a mystery sure to unfold


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