Body Art

Moles tiny on my face plus one at my right side waist

Marks like tiger claws grazed across my inner heavy thighs

Contrast to a slender torso

Featuring flat plains of flesh

But the attention are set to my bruises and scars

Some judge the unpleasant sight

The next group admire the story

As I seek the hopeful light

I hope to everyone that there’s more to see

From this striving peculiar girl

Just being free


Nature´s tattoos in all shapes and sizes

Tall to small, thin to plump, every figure should be valued and seen

Diets, scalpels, and heavy dumbbells

Tools for unreachable satisfaction and temporary prizes

Plenty people discontent with genes, especially teens


What is beauty some will say?

A visible fantasy or unnoticeable reality

Inspiration merged with insecurities fueled by media

Validation against true identity, who should we be?

There´s a problem unsolved

Common, but overlooked

Serious, yet disregarded

With a world inhabited of blind people

The solution is lens of confidence and genuine encouragement


Numerous sculpted masterpieces to admire, these painted body marks of mine and yours








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Our world
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This is hella dope lols, if only I could write that well.

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