Boats Against the Current

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 11:17 -- Lewy9

I remember, long ago
When we sailed as chose
‘Til the last red petal fell
From our glassy rose.

We were as green as we were blind,
Dreaming, hoping we would find
The Straw to break our camel’s back,
Crack the walls containing fact.
But now it seems to me, my dear,
Walls are closing in so near
Trapping me alone, far from
Our own island in the sun.
In misery, I grab an oar,
Paddle swiftly to our shore,
And smile though I shiver
Because I hear your laughter.

The sun is red, the sea is blue
The sky is ever dark’ning;
Yet on I strive through endless black
Toward the light, my darling.
Is that your boat so far away?
That massive gall’eon soars.
Or is it my imagination
That you parallel my course?
In either case, I’m sure, my dove,
Our roads will twine together:
A meeting at the barr’ier’s foot
Climbing to forever.
My heart is singing out its song
Across the violent waves,
A-fishing in this stream of time
For echoes of our love.

And so I go a-rowing
In my boat for one
T’ward the green on the horizon
Before the setting sun.


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