Blues from the Friendzone (pt1)

& the time begins when I start missing you.

It really can't be a crime.

We're just friends anyway.

I applaud you for obtaining

a love interest other than me.

(btw: The chick is cool and everything

but never as cool as me.

I'm like this recent NC weather.

Bright as hell.

Yet breezy enough to make you cautious.

Enough about me me though...)

I... guess ​​... well, I'm sure I'm over the point

of wanting you romantically.

I just want to talk

to you again, freely.

But... well, I'll prolly

end up contacting you first. Because I care.

Because I understand the fight you put

up with depression. I just wish you

remembered when I told you that

I'm here for you; that if there are

feelings you feel that are unexplainable,

I'll sit with you in stone cold silence until warmth

somehow engulfs our souls.

We can sit there in silence, or you can mumble

your feelings to me. Mumble your past regrets,

hurts, & times you felt you failed.

Hopefully, you hear my mumbles as well.

Hear me in my silence. I hope you can hear

me screaming when nothing, not even mumbles,

leave my mouth. Hear my heart. Hear me.

I always have & will continue to hear you.

It's just crazy, cause miles away, I can

feel your pain.

& the time begins when I start missing you.

& the time begins when I start missing you.


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