The Blues


United States
So this is how it all begins,
with wondering limbs threatening to leave their skins
There's a systematic pattern in all our sins
see we all have these opinions but then what we know
that the world is flat and it revolves around us
Don't adjust to their false ideologies
it's ok to be aberrant
you are not transparent
remember we all have the same anatomy
Don't commit some kind of travesty
by waiving of all your amnesty
don't be scared
because we are only temporarily marred
you won't decay like some cavity
Don't be quick to fold your cards
we've all been on the same boat
that has yet left this forsaken shore
this I can be held accounted for
there is so much to explore
don't surrender to this war
Your worry wont last long
because although time flies and we can't stop ourselves from getting older
summer used to be fun until it got colder
sometimes I do wish I could be a little bolder
it's time to stop dwelling in all our wrongs
instead try to sing different songs
Begin our speeches and end them strong
There's light within you
it's time for you to stop drowning in the blue
- by Marie Walter


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