Blue Skies and Sunshine


If I could change the world,

I would do it in an instant.

I’d change the time I almost hurled

With smoke in the distance.


Pollution everywhere,

Whether it be cigarettes, cars, or factories

Contaminates every bit of air

At every corner in any country’s cities.


Unlike the USA,

Where children color the sky blue

In China, everyday

It’s brown from what its buildings produce.


If I could change the world,

It would be clean;

Newly removed from the dryer and unfurled

Like a fresh pair of sheets.


It’d smell like the ocean anywhere you went

You could feel the sunshine regularly

Like the warmth could never be spent

On a cold day in January.


I’d change the world in an instant

With smoke no longer

In the distance.

Making every heart stronger

With every ounce of my persistence.  



I hope everyone likes it, and recognizes the awareness of how pollution is affecting the world.

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