Blue Eyes

August 2015 – It’s seventh period,

and we all have to give a presentation.

Of course, I’m barely paying attention, 

until I notice a pair of blue eyes 

and strong eyebrows.

As he presents his information, 

his cheeks turn pink when he laughs

and he reminds me of Peter Pan.

I think he’s cute.

But I don’t have a plan.


December – We’ve started to talk,

and it’s been more and more nowadays,

and I’m glad nobody's fazed

at the fact that I’ve been consistently

wearing dresses on odd days.

I’m also glad that he doesn’t like mayonnaise. 


January 2016 – I am not sure how to comprehend

how this boy has become my best friend 

in a matter of weeks.

A pair of geeks, 

we’re like cheese is

to a mouse.

But most days feel like he 

is a lighthouse

on the opposite shore,

and she has eyes like the ocean,

and she has skin light as the sand,

and she has hair golden like the sun,

and I am just a seagull 

in comparison to them.


June – my knees are shaking

underneath the coffee shop table,

his smile overtaking,

and despite my unease

and first-date-panic,

I manage to make him wheeze

over our dumb inside jokes

and I’m relieved

that even though it’s summer,

we’re still fluttering like honeybees.


July – he hasn’t called since.


August – It’s the first day of school.

He walks into my fourth period, 

grinning like a fool 

when he sees me.

I’m trying my hardest to keep my cool.

But I’ve missed him, and God,

I really hope he’s not a tool.


October – our first slow dance.

He’s asking me for a chance.


November – I am sixteen,

still young and naïve,

and I could’ve never foreseen

that despite my doubt, he’d choose me.


February 2018 – These past three years

have seemed to disappear

rapidly. And I think it’s clear

that in no other hemisphere,

someone could teach me patience, 

how to forgive, 

and that I am more 

than my fear.

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