The Blue Bird in the Maple Tree

Mon, 01/02/2017 - 23:18 -- LJLange

The coos of love please me

The Turtle Doves all lined in a row

Hoping that I will show

a sign of love that they so greed.

But I look past their lies 

for when I do each one flies.

Except one that does not flee

the one and only I don't despise.

The Blue Bird in the Maple Tree.


I sit next to it all day

ignoring the cries of forgiveness from others

because I know the Blue Bird will stay.

And the lies from the doves smothers

showing me how seperate she is from others

the mysterious shades of Blue I see on thee.

Never leaving it's true colors

The little Blue Bird in the Maple Tree.


I love it with all my heart

and wish to keep her caged

so never shall we be apart.

But the happy chirps have since faded

and the love we share now tainted

and now I wish her to be free.

The guilt leaving my heart grey-shaded.

The Blue Bird in the Maple Tree. 


Her love for me prevents her to leave

and my soul beckons to hold onto thee.

So I sit patiently through the eve

for The Blue Bird in the Maple Tree. 

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