Blue and Brown

In a room full of people, your eyes are what meets mine,

A flutter in my heart,

A fleeting glance between us two,

We walk on over and meet in between,

Cool blue eyes meets warm brown.


A joke is said,

Laughter is shared,

Fast forward two years and I am in tears,

But you are there beside me with your hand in mine.


I remember thinking,

How could two opposites ever align?

You preferred it cold while I liked it warm,

You liked adventure while I preferred to stay at home.


But still, you took my hand,

And whispered words of confidence

Telling me to leave these tears behind.

You told me to let it all out

And told me it was okay if I wanted to shout;

You apologized even when I was wrong;

You told me you wouldn’t leave and rested your head on mine,

I could feel the warmth from your hand and the truth in your words;

It was as if the clouds had parted letting light shine through;

These tears of mine are for you.


An apology is made,

A joke is said,

Laughter is shared,

Trust is earned,

I remember because I love you;

I remember how our hearts intertwined;

I remember that we need to put our differences aside;

It is because of our love that we will stay,

And put our love against the test of time.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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