Bloom of a Bond


My House
6357 Seastone Way
United States

the feeling of that connection with another
Sparks like a dancing star forever

The abyss of this bloom; sharing your minds
It's like a creative mixture that shines

When people see this bond it's a power that draws in vibes from another aspect

No nor anything can take this bond apart
It has a bond that stays together like a magnet

That will bring them close no matter how far
Thus to know what is obtained and subtracted

From this chain of an unbreakable sequence

That rare beings can control and never be extracted

Through any Occurance of the broken hearts
That bond will always find a way to stay together and never break apart

Its quite frankly that in life it's fond
And It's quite amazing to gracefully to have a bloom of a bond"

This poem is about: 
Our world


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