In Bloom


United States
34° 28' 46.884" N, 81° 50' 39.4548" W

They bound her like a butterfly and cut up her wings
Locked her away with all the other play things
She was only ever a doll for their control
Even after the scars healed, anger took its toll

One day her soul found itself in bloom
She reached out and unlocked herself from their tomb
The glory of freedom hung in the air
And she discovered life, removed from their glare

But time can transform joy into malice
Especially after all the child experienced
She fought for perspective that would save her from the change
But eventually her soul would succumb to rage

Her face hid among the stars and flowers
What she revealed hung on the final hours
Above all else her presence towers
And all creation shakes at her power

You played with fire in the garden of deceit
So you'll burn along with all the raging trees
There's only yourself you seek to please
You can't bring the wise down on their knees


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